Puzzle Room

Team building

Escaping from a locked room within a certain time limit produces the precise circumstances that give rise to one of the greatest team building exercises ever created!

Our scripts have been crafted to be both difficult and challenging but are possible to achieve success when all members of a team work together and demonstrate group spirit!

Our challenges are suitable for adults and older teenagers. We customise the scripts for unique scenarios.

We can come to your place of work or we can set up the challenge in an accessible and convenient hotel, function room, community hall or similar venue.

Our highly popular team building sessions create laughter, fun and a unique experience that will be remembered throughout the workplace for a long time afterwards while giving organisations the opportunity to practice and analyse their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creative genius in a high pressure scenario.

At the end of your session, your team will be debriefed, during which we will analyse your moves, decisions, how well you communicated and what you could have done to escape or possibly the reasons why you escaped so quickly.

Prices start from £145 per hour. Additional costs apply for third party venue hire.

To find the key and escape, teams must:

You won't escape unless you share information with other team players. It isn't simply good enough to just yell out something you found. That won't help you find the key! There is so much going on in the room that you must make sure that your idea is being heard and followed (unless it is the wrong idea).
Groups that do not escape (around 22% of all groups to date) do not have enough leaders to suggest concepts, decide on paths to follow or stir the group toward an outcome. It will take more than one strong leader to put everything together as there are multiple tasks that need to be completed simultaneously. Teams without leadership fail almost every time!
If there are too many loud voices in a group it is highly likely that no sensible decisions will be made. Listen to what others in your team have to contribute.
Your creative genius and speed by which you unleash it will reveal what is hidden to others. This is where that part of your brain that is known for suggesting absurd ideas is set free to break boundaries which may yield rewards.
With the time dwindling on the clock and what appear to be dead end clues; it will seem as if your fate is sealed. Those that do escape have to practice positive thinking and never give up no matter how much time is left. The majority of groups that escape do so with seconds on the clock in a tense scenario that yields ample amounts of adrenaline!
There may be multiple solutions for various puzzles in the room. If you are dead set on a solution simply because someone who you believed was “clever” gave you the answer, yet the answer doesn’t lead you to finding more clues then clearly the “clever clogs” person was wrong.

Tips to escape:

Get involved and find the clues; move, pull, twist, turn and open as many things as you can to find the clues.
Keep each other informed, make notes and gather clues together in one place and work as a team to come up with solutions.
The puzzles are obvious to some players but appear impossible to others. Let everyone have a chance to solve a particular puzzle. A wacky idea may just give rise to the correct answer.
Never give up regardless of the time remaining on the clock. Keep searching for clues, try different ways of solving a puzzle and keep active. Never give up!

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