Puzzle Room


The Puzzle Room is a fun adventure game, a real life version of the many “escape the room” computer games and the 100 Doors phone app.

You have to work as a team to hunt for the clues and use your logic and reasoning to solve the riddles and puzzles to escape.

We roam the towns and villages of East Anglia, setting up our puzzle rooms in hotels, halls and function rooms so we could pop-up in your area soon. We also conduct bespoke sessions in private homes for birthdays, anniversaries or other functions and celebrations.

Min 4 people. Max 8 people.

We lock you in a mysterious room and you have exactly 60 minutes to find your way out by finding clues, solving puzzles and using your creativity, imagination and ingenuity.

Prices are £80 for a group session held at our venues. It makes for an unforgettable adventure and fun challenge.

Suitable for all ages but under 14s need to be accompanied by at least one adult.

Our puzzles - Gamekeeper's Bothy

This is Suffolk's first permanent escape room set in authentic farm buildings at Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead on the banks of the Orwell just south of Ipswich. The locked room is set in Victorian England and the group of rascally poachers is kept under the watchful eye of Thomas Scott, head gamekeeper to Sir Reginald Rackham, ruthless landowner of the Wherstead Estate. An underkeeper has been dispatched to summon the Constables from Ipswich. It will take them an hour to arrive. The group must escape or else face the wrath of the Assizes. Authentic period props and real cobwebs makes for an engaging and immersive experience. This runs Wed-Sun or other days by prior arrangement. Booking online at Suffolk Food Hall or calling the bookings line on 01473 786610.

Read the preview in Eaux, Suffolk's exclusive lifestyle magazine on pages 10-11

Read a review in Take One community newspaper for the Suffolk/Norfolk border area on pages 16-17.

Our puzzles - Hackerz Collective

This is our current roaming puzzle. We operate this by prior arrangement at Oakes Barn in Bury St. Edmunds but we can also come to your house, workplace or if you are having a conference, away-day we can set this up in the same venue. Your mission is to find the jamming device which the anarcho-criminal gang calling themselves the Hackerz Collective is using to disrupt the area's 3G signal. Find it and escape in 60mins. Booking by contacting or calling us on 07592 050583.

Our puzzles - Operation Virus

Returning for a spring launch this is an immersive outdoor challenge. Rejected by the Nobel Prize Committee, the brilliant virologist but criminal mastermind Professor Rasmersky wants to seek revenge on the people of East Anglia by planning to detonate biological weapons in the area. You need to stop his agents by following a series of clues and solving puzzles set in the town centres of the region.

We meet your team at a pre-arranged location, where you will be provided with your agents' pack and given a short briefing. You then have exactly 60 minutes to locate and defuse the device following a series of clues, solving puzzles and working together as a team. Our own intel agents will be in contact throughout the adventure.

Map reading skills are useful! The route is just over 1.1 miles (1.6km) and can be completed in under the 60mins at a moderate walking pace. Currently operating in Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich.

Suitable for all ages but under 14s need to be accompanied by at least one adult. We cannot predict the weather so please check the forecast and come prepared. In the event of a severe weather such as a thunderstorm, heavy rain or gales we will postpone and/or rearrange to suit. The surfaces underfoot may be mixed; tarmac or paved roads and footpaths as well as urban parkland and woodlands. Please wear sensible and appropriate footwear and clothing for the exercise. All other equipment will be provided.

Our puzzles - Railway Codebreakers

This is our new pop up puzzle for the spring of 2017 and takes place at the East Anglian Railway Museum at Chappel and Wakes Colne on the Marks Tey to Sudbury branch line. This is the first escape game in the UK and possibly the world which is set aboard a train. It is 1954 and it's the start of the Cold War. A Soviet backed spy network has stolen the Chappel Dossier, an important file of decryption keys which the spy gang are using to intercept coded radio communications between military units in the Essex area. Intelligence services has captured several members of the spy cell. It is believed that before capture one of the spies managed to hide the Dossier on board a train which has now been shunted onto Platform 2 at Chappel and Wakes Colne Station. The Dossier must be found and handed back to military intelligence. Other members of the spy gang are also on the case and they aim to secure its possession as well. It's a race against time to save the nation. Launching April 2017.

Please note that for operational reasons this puzzle may alternate between the station's Victorian period waiting room and a 1950s corridor train parked at Platform 2.

Our puzzles - Royalist Roundup

This takes place in the genuine 17th Century Tithe Room in Oliver Cromwell's House in Ely. This is the very room where Cromwell sat and did his work while he was the collector of tithes for Ely Cathedral. Absolutely unique room with oak panelled walls. A group of Royalist supporters has been captured by a detachment of Cromwell's troop and is being held temporarily under armed guard in the Tithe Room of Cromwell's former house. However, one of the guards is a Royalist sympathiser himself and has hidden a set of clues in the room along with a key.

The group's mission is to locate the clues, solve puzzles and ultimately find the key which will allow them to make good their escape. You have 60 minutes to complete the mission and escape otherwise the guards will return. Booking online Oliver Cromwell House or calling on 01353 662062. Saturday and Sunday bookings or other days by prior arrangement.

Previous player quote

"I was very nervous that a stag party would not appreciate this at all but we were all totally immersed in the scenario and the hour flew by. Everyone was very complimentary and genuinely enjoyed it. It was an excellent compliment to a day's paint balling! Thanks for an excellent afternoon Steve!" - Ed M., Oxford